Importance of Node js in the backend development

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1. Null vs Undefined

2. double equal (==) vs triple equal (===)

3. Truthy and Falsy values

4. Difference between bind, call and apply

5. Understanding the this keyword

6. Using of Async Await

7. Find Largest Value of an Array

8. Sum of All Number in an Array

9. Remove duplicate Item from an Array

10. how to Do reverse a String

1. Null vs Undefined

  • We can find undefined in many ways but null is a special type and if a developer set the value of something to null and then we can get the value null.
  • so, first let’s see how…

1. React is not a framework it’s a library.

  • like other framework as like Angular or Ember React is not a framework, framework comes with lot’s of built in rules and regulation you cannot go beyond them but using react for front end you have lot’s of control of your application.
  • React is all about flexibility, you can use much more third party tools while building react application.

2. All About Jsx

  • For beginner developer react is very good choice i should say, because i see a lot’s of developer this days learn basic html css before they learn the programming basics

because of the outcomes, when you will doing programming you see…

1. Data Types in JavaScript

2. Primitive values in JavaScript

3. Event Loop in easier Way

4. All about Try() Catch()

5. Hoisting

6. Block Scope in details

7. Confusion between rest parameter and spread operator

8. Everything about default parameters

9. Block level Function

10. Array Function in depth

1. Data Types in JavaScript

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1. Difference Between String.charAt() and String.indexof()

2. How String.split() and String.slice() works.

3. Difference Between String.substr() and String.substring().

4. Math.ceil() , Math.floor() , Math.round () which one to use.

5. uses of isNaN() , parseInt() and parseFloat()

6. Difference Between Array.find() and Array.filter().

7. Array.ForEach() the Ultimate version of For loop

8. the gangstar

9. Array.reduce() makes life easy for math

10 . Confusion between Array.slice() Array.splice() and easy solution.

1. Difference Between String.charAt() and String.indexof()

  • what the String.charAt() does is returns a new string consisting of the single value what we pass through this methods.
  • It only gives us only one character of the…

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