10 Important Topics in React

1. React is not a framework it’s a library.

2. All About Jsx

because of the outcomes, when you will doing programming you see only a black console and some input output things . but you want to be a web developer you’re doing nothing with web still now. that’s where many people get frustrated, they want to see some output some visual output i must say. that’s why they learn html first writing some lines of output they can see their output in the browser window and they will pumped. that’s why jsx is important and jsx is some way easier for who did psd to html first.

see how easy it is , we can write html code inside a javascirpt function.

3. It’s All about JavaScript

what you see in the above example is not like that. there is no html inside the functions . It’ s all about syntactic sugar. behind the scene their is no html in react application. behind the scene

see what i say …. under the hood React.creatElement () method create what we want . like DOM creation, document.createElement() our React.createElement() also create what order the react dom.

4. How Data goes down.

5. State Management

State is a important topics of react. when we need to change a specific property value… like we need to update things . we have to use state. using state life became more easier.

imagine you have a logged in user state there you have a value loggedInUser and it’s initial value is false. when a user logged in somehow you want to change the status of loggedInUser to true.. how will you do that ?? that’s where comes the state

6. How event goes up

7. working process of render

When a state is changed and need to update then it will do componentDidUpdate() and it will call the render function and will say that hey render i need to update so you must re-render again and then render will be re-render again.

8. State Must be simple

9. Conditional rendering in React

In react application, we cannot use if else or any other conditional rendering .but rather than use other conditional rendering we can user ternary operator rendering

10. Default Props

default props is a interesting topics in react and it is very handy. when we need a props that is specific and we don’t need to change that any time soon in that situation we can use default props

if i give an example like bellow that there is a button component and we want to give a default props color as blue. if u remember or if u use react-bootstrap then you must know that when you use a button like this <Button > or button class primary then that’s the use of default props their primary button has a default props which has a blue color property.

That’s for today see you in the next one…

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